CCRN online schools

  1. Are there any online or in class schools for the CCRN? All I've seen are 3-4 days seminars. My co-worker did that and failed. The volume of information that I need to learn to pass this test is daunting to do alone.
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  3. by   Nurse_
    Depends on what type of learner you are.

    If you have a good enough background about the topics for the test, then a limited guidance (such as the online review) should be enough.
  4. by   iggyEDRN
    Everyone I know who has already take the exam (and passed) did the Laura Gasparis DVDs and some kind of prep book with practice exams. Some used Pass CCRN! and some used Kaplan. I take the exam tomorrow, and I have done the Gasparis DVDs, Kaplan book, and Cammy Fancher's podcasts. Also, if your hospital uses CE Direct for CEUs, then you should have access to CCRN study material (in PP or PDF form).
    I don't know anyone who has gone to an actual class to prep for the CCRN, and all but one person has passed on the first attempt. The most common advice I have received is to do LOTS of practice questions. It really helps to familiarize yourself with the test format and identify problem areas.

    Good luck! (I take it tomorrow:-/)