1. I have 1 year experience as a nurse on a Cardiac/Telemetry floor and will be transferring to ICU next week. I plan on taking the CCRN certification. I'd like to do it as soon as I meet all the requirements. My question is if you have your CCRN certification, how long were you in the ICU before you took it and how intensely did you study?

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  3. by   CCRNCMC11
    I took the CCRN less than one year after I took the nclex. But I worked under a temp license for a month or two after nursing school so I had just over a year of icu experience before taking it. I studied on and off for 3 months, took a two day review and really crammed 2-3 weeks before I took it
  4. by   girliey023
    I took it after being in the icu for 9 months, but I was in ER nursing for 1 year prior to that. I also studied consistently for about 3 months by taking the PASS CCRN tests and watching the Laura Gasparis DVDs several times. I also got the AACN certification and core review for high acuity and critical care book. It is a book of all questions and I found them more challenging than the pass CCRN questions, however the exam more closely reflected the pass CCRN questions. Good luck with your studying!