Air Force ER/Critical Care Fellowship Experience

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    I am planning to apply for the Air Force ER/Critical Care/Trauma Fellowship this coming June, and I am looking to hear about experiences from other nurses who have attended. How does the program differ for the ER vs. Critical Care tracks? I've heard that the first part of the program ER/ICU fellows are combined and then they split apart later but I'm curious to find out what they do differently in the program. I've also heard that ER/ICU nurses in the AF deploy more often, and am curious if anyone can attest to that. I am currently a MedSurg certified nurse and know for sure that my future is in Trauma (I love it!), but I'm trying to determine whether to go the ER or ICU route for the fellowship; I want the most trauma possible! I would love any information, lessons learned, etc., that anyone may have to offer!
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    you may want to post this in the government/military forum which is under the specialty tab/ nursing specialty