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Critical Care Nursing


Just a quick question. Why is Emergency Nursing listed under specialties instead of critical care. Why is this? We take care of most of the critical care patients- including neonates and peds!


Specializes in ER, Hospice, CCU, PCU.

That is a very good question. At our facility all the departments have nurse managers who report to Directors. Our Director is the Director of Nursing for Critical care and Emergency services. This has gone a long way is fostering team work between the ER, CCU and PCU(stepdown). We used to be fearsom rivals but now we work easily together.

In the event of uneven staffing Med/surg nurses can be pulled to PCU, PCU can be pulled to either med/surg or CCU, and CCU nurses can be pulled to ER and vice versa. This keeps the skill mix as close as possible and has eased the frustration caused by being pulled to another area.

ER nurses are considered to be in the circle of Critically trained Nurses.

I think it's because it's a specialty with in a specialty. Does that make sense?

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