Creighton ABSN - What did your schedule look like?


Hi ladies,

I'll be starting the Creighton ABSN soon (just deferred to Spring) and I was wondering, for those who have recently completed the program or are currently in it, could you tell me what your schedule looks like? How much time per week are you spending in lecture and how much time in clinical, etc. Is your schedule strictly M-F, or are weekend clinicals included? Are classes only on certain days, and clinicals on others, or is there a mix of clinicals and classes in one day?

Sorry if this is an odd request. Just trying to figure out exactly what I'm getting myself into haha

Lastly, how much time is spent in skills lab vs. clinicals, especially when first starting out. Are you getting much hands-on experience in the hospital, or is it all confined to a skills lab?



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Hi! I'm accepted to start Creighton's ABSN in the fall, and was wondering what you think of the program so far since it seems like you started a few months ago!! Hope you see this :)