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CPNRE Jan 11, 2012 - Round two for me


Specializes in Psychiatric and Correctional.

Hey folks, so here I am giving this license a second shot.

How I have prepared for this? :eek:

It has been costly and exhausting as I have paid money for a PN examination prep course at McMaster U/Mohawk College which was a travel distance of approx 4 hrs one way (depending on the traffic on the 401); however, after serious review of the question format and recognizing key words I hope to have a better run this round.

:yeah:In my reviewing and preparations I have found that my gut instinct (first choice in multiple choice) type questions were mostly correct, so needless to say I will definitely consider all my first choice answers.

:yeah:I took the time to read the question first, then the answers, the re-read the question and eliminate the 2 most wrong answers, this minimized the options as I re-read the question again.

:yeah:Underline the key words: like "first", "prevent", "highest risk for" and select the best match for the key words...

Seriously wish everyone the best and take your time!!:thankya: