CPNE study buddies Ore/Wash


:balloons: Still looking for CPNE study buddies in the Portland Oregon, Vancouver Washington area. Please contact me so that we can arrange some group get togethers.


Darla :balloons:



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When will you be taking the CPNE. I still have to take nc 4-7 before I'm eligible. I live in Portland, but I'm a traveler and I'll be on assignment in CA through november. Would love to join a CPNE study group then.



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Hi, haven't scheduled my CPNE yet. Have completed everything except for CPNE. Have found one great study buddy who also has everything completed except for CPNE. Know of another person in the Portland area who has also done everything except for the CPNE--trying to get her to come study with us. Please keep in touch, you're welcome (and we'd love to have you!) to join us as soon as it is convenient for you. Also, if you know of anyone else in this area who might be a candidate for our study group please, let them know about us. Thanks so much and good luck on your nursing exams! Darla

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