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CPNE ( anyone that has taken the CPNE)


Okay nurses, so I have been studying for the CPNE and I am sooo confused. I understand we have to remember our mnemonics, but I understand that we will have a kardex and forms. On the forms it tells us what to do right? So basically it is a fill in the blank, ( is this right?). I am stressing really bad and want to make sure that I am studying correctly.


Has 6 years experience.

Yes, the CE will fill in the kardex for you, and that is your "assignment" on that pt.

For example: On my first PCS I was assigned safety (always assigned) Fluid management (I & O's & IV), vital signs (always assigned), mobility (always assigned), neurological assessment, & comfort management.

Look at page 533 in the 20th edition study guide, there is an example of a kardex.

Hope this helps!!