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CPD points


I work with an organisation as Aged Care Community Nurse. I am seeking how to fulfil my CPD points. My organisation that I work for provides modules for all staff such as support workers to fulfil on a monthly basis. Not sure if its assists with CPD points. However, wanting to know if there is any free courses that helps with gaining required CPD points?

Thankyou :)

Thankyou Lucypear :)


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Log onto ANMF website, they have loads

I do not know about free course for CPD but I do know a good website called Nursesfornurses. It will cost $99 a year and they have loads plus lots of reading information too.


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ANMF has loads of great resources, and as a member you will get $400 worth of CPD/year.

There are a few other good resources mentioned too.


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