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Covid 19 register

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The Nursing & Midwifery Council have asked me recently to come out of retirement and return to nursing. I accepted and my qualifications are now live again. I have no idea thought how I am going to get back to work.

I am living in Alicante, Spain, with my Filipino wife who just received her Spanish Residency, to return to the UK, my wife needs a Visa, and I the UK Government has no flexibility.

Invariably red tape comes into this - my wife requires a spousal visa, and they have informed me that there is no way that she can make the application without biometric screening. They have no flexibility at all.

I can only assume that they do not require nurses, and it's a PR stunt.

I am 67 this year.

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67 and living in Spain? Just hunker down and wait this out. The logistics of this are too convoluted at the moment and is it a good idea for anyone living in Spain to be traveling to the UK?

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