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COVID-19 At Home Tests for sale on Alibaba!???


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It appears that at-home COVID-19 rapid tests are available for everybody except the U.S. The FDA is blocking this. I found a ton of this test kits for sale online, one in particular is Alibaba. The president of Alibaba, Mr. Ma, just donated thousands of these test kits to the United States to hospitals only. One kit on the site is titled: FDA CE IGG/IGM Human Individual Detection Antibody Rapid Test Kits. Has anyone seen these tests or taken one? How accurate are they? Do you think the public should have access to buy these kits? The FDA has blocked this because they are not FDA approved. But there are millions of OTC products for sale that aren't FDA approved either. I don't know about the accuracy of these tests, but people are using them in the UK, China, Singapore, etc.

Please stay safe!