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Covid-19: Any perks for healthcare workers today?

by zillynurz zillynurz (New) New Nurse

I was informed that our local grocery store will let healthcare workers come to the door and knock up to 2 hours before they open, show the badge and be able to come in and shop. I haven't tried yet. And a local pizzeria is giving pizzas for one dollar to first responders or people in healthcare. It's nice to be recognized I guess, since we're in this up to our eyeballs. Anything from any other people?

Kitiger, RN

Specializes in Private Duty Pediatrics. Has 42 years experience.

In my area, all healthcare, first responders, and people over 60 can get into many grocery stores early, before the general public.

Delia37, MSN

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We are bless fully still employed...


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I'm grateful I 'get to' leave my house and make a living working with an amazing team of people. Thats the perk.