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a couple TEAS V Online Practice Questions

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1. The bands in muscle sacromere are formed by actin and which of the following other proteins?

a. myosin

b. dynein

c. keratin

d. laminin

(didnt see anything about this in the ati study guide)

2. A pregnant chain smoker has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Her biggest concern is that she has passed on the lung cancer to her unborn child. Which of the following statements are correcting regarding this situation?

a. Children do not use their lungs until they are born, so the mutation will only pass on after the child starts breathing at birth

b. The mutation could pass from mother to child through blood, but anti-cancer medications can prevent the child from developing cancer.

c. If the pregnant mother undergoes treatment for lung cancer, both she and the child can be cured of the mutation

d. Mutations that happen in body cells other than egg and sperm cells will not transmit to the child.

(study guide did talk about mutations but not in this concept)

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1) Off the top of my head, myosin...I havent looked it up yet but the 2 proteins responsible for muscle movement are actin and myosin. The other answers just don't make sense

2) Should be D. You can't "pass down" cancer. Smoking can cause developmental issues, but she can't pass on cancer.

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yep they are right. these questions are supposed to be similar to whats on the TEAS

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