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Could a somewhat rusty EMT hack it in ED?

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So here's the deal. There's an opening for a Emergency Care Asst at a hospital here. It says,

Education/Experience: Must be an EMT with recent experience or a graduate of a

Nurse Assistant Program through an accredited agency or be a student nurse with

one semester of clinical experience or a med student with previous patient care


Assists with routine activities of patient care including, but not limited to

responding to patients call bells, taking vital assigns, intake and output,

positioning, transporting patients, assisting orthopaedic plaster applications,

crutch-fitting and walking, and preparing bodies for morgue.

Responds to all helicopter arrivals and department codes.

I start my core classes for ADN nursing program in August. I took an EMT-Basic course 2 years ago for work. So I have that but I work in a really safe factory. I've only responded to one call in 2 years, and I feel kind of rusty. I've tried to keep reviewing and keeping it fresh in my mind, but I don't think that's the same as going on calls.

Do you think I could handle this job? Or from an ED perspective, would you really not want me in your department?

I'm a guy and I think the ED would be a cool job, just not sure I've got the skills.


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canoehead has 30 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ER.

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Since you've only had one call I would say you are not rusty, you barely got going. It won't hurt to apply, but don't be surprised if there are many people with more experience.

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Balder_LPN has 1 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Urgent Care.

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If you where applying here you would likely get hired right quick, at about 11.40/hr. The techs are at CNA level certification, and you will get some ojt. you will not be getting much independant decsion making, but rather task oriented. I think it is a very good job to see (and learn) alot.

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