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Cough and chest pain

by Skates88 Skates88 (New) New Nurse Student

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I'm a newbie nurse.Just want to ask for advise, if a patient has cold symptoms for 24 hours, has green phlegm and experience sharp chest pain on the left side when coughing,afebrile and able to mobilize.What kind follow up questions to ask to assess the patient further if he is only asking me over the phone?

Also if the patient only has chest pain when he coughs,what outcome would you think is appropriate?

Lastly, kindly explain the different possible causes of chest pain .

Thanks in advance for your help

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Not sure if we're being snookered here.

Newbie, why are you posting in students section if you're a nurse as you post?

More importantly in this time of C19, if this is just a ruse question for yourself or for a friend or relative, PLEASE do not delay, but seek out appropriate professional diagnosis & tx. Timing is critical.

At least, could this post just be a question for some school assignment?