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Corrections Nurse for new grads

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by Jah Jah Jah Jah (New) New Nurse

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Hey y’all,

  I’m a new grad and am interviewing and applying like crazy right now. I see an offer for a corrections nurse. Does anyone have any experience with this or any insight? 

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Scenario:  officers bring in an inmate who can barely stand up and is sweating profusely.  He states he thinks he is having an anaphylactic reaction.  First vitals are 80 over palp.  He looks like he is ready to arrest.  You are the only one there. Nearest medical help is two blocks away in another building. And then he arrests.  It's just you...no code team, no code blue button to push to summon help.  

Scenario:  Officers bring in an inmate who supposedly took "something."   Inmate is completely out of control to the extent that 4-5 burly officers are having trouble keeping him under control as he is flailing and kicking and screaming and punching and foaming at the mouth.  Now he's all yours.

Common scenario:  A man down is called and you and your ER kit go rushing to the scene.  Inmate is lying face down on his bunk, unresponsive.  What do you do?  

All these scenarios (and I could list many more)  need excellent assessment skills, and experience in emergency responses, as well as just experience dealing with medical issues.   Now, if as a new grad, you are going to be working closely with others as a team, who can orient you and bring you up to speed, then maaaaaaybeeee.   Or if you would just be assigned to medpass, then, again, maybe.  

Overall, I would recommend what everyone always recommends to new nurses, get some experience in med surg, then figure out what you want to do later.

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