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Corrections Nurse - Do I need liability insurance?

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I  work in corrections. Quite honestly, we are always understaffed, making quality care delivery impossible. However, as stressful as it is, I do enjoy it. I have been wondering whether I should invest in my own Liability Insurance. I have never done so before. I don't know how to distinguish which companies are reputable and which companies offer the best value. Of course, I also wonder if I'm just being overly anxious and perhaps I don't even need liability insurance. I just wanted to know your thoughts on the matter.

Thanks in advance.

Dear wondering corrections nurse,

I recently wrote an article for ALLNURSES on whether a nurse should obtain malpractice insurance.  You can check out the article here or, if you would like to research the different malpractice insurance available to nurses, you can contact your State Department of Insurance.  All insurance policies must be approved by the state in order to be sold. Therefore, the Department of Insurance would have a list of all the insurance carriers in your state that have approved plans in your state.

I suggest you know what to look for. Don’t simply look for the amount of coverage. You may get the most coverage for the least cost but be aware that some insurance policies are considered “excess policies” meaning that they don’t even kick in under your hospital has paid the full amount.  The best thing about having your own insurance is that you have the right to your own attorney. Therefore, if your position is adverse to your hospital, you’ll have your own attorney who can advocate on your behalf.

Another thing to look for in insurance is whether the program has a disciplinary defense.  Employers are required to cover you for medical malpractice if you’re acting within the scope of your responsibility. However, the employer is not responsible to cover you if you get reported to the State Board of Nursing. If your insurance has disciplinary defense coverage, then you will be able to be reimbursed for attorney fees should you have a matter before the Board.

Good luck!


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Yes.  You should have it.  In fact, it was when I started working in corrections that I obtained it for the first time.  Inmates have 24 hours a day to sit around and think things up.  Where I worked, management settled all lawsuits, no matter how frivolous and loved throwing the rank-and-file under the bus.

  I carry NSO; it's inexpensive and will probably give you the coverage you need.  You can research other companies but at least you have a starting point.

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