Correctional Work and Rehabilitation

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Hi all,

My question is:

Sign up with a registry and are offered a job with California CDCR. The job is full-time permanent until you reach your 975 hrs and then the assignment is over at least until the next fiscal year when they can call you back and you can work another 975 hours or not. While working, the State of California CDCR holds interviews and hires 11 LVNs. You've only worked about 1/2 of those 975 hours but the State of California calls the registry and tells them that your assignment will be up in 2-3 weeks when the new State of California LVNs are finished with orientation and will begin work. How is this possible? What happened to fulfilling their part of the contract? Has anyone experienced this? Thanks



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Hello winterbabie, please let me know about working with CDCR. I'll be moving back to California soon and want to get in the correctional system there. Thank you