UTMB correctional managed care

  1. Hi! I was wondering if anyone has any experience working for UTMB for correctional managed care? Particularly the Dominguez unit in San Antonio or any unit out around that area? What was your experience? Is it a good learning environment for a new nurse? What does a typical day entail? Thanks! (P.S. I'm interested in the San Antonio area, but I'd love to hear any experience with any UTMB correctional managed care location)
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  3. by   heather.adams
    I pretty recently within the last year interviewed for a position in the Austin area as an educator & was very impressed. I spoke with a couple of the nurses who worked in the role of educator & had great things to say! I'd be more than happy to talk to you offline.
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    Thank you for the response and yes, I'd love to speak to you. I haven't made enough posts so I'm unable to send a message yet, but please e-mail me at kdl038415@gmail.com. Thank you!