Unwanted distractions

  1. I work in psych. It seems that almost every time I go to work, men are bothering men. Nurses, techs, taking time away from charting. Trying to say dirty things, unwanted compliments, advances. Touch my hair. I don't want to be to mean because we have to have everyone's back in case of psych emergency. My bosses r men. I feel like I want to go straight to DON. I've been a nurse over 7years and I'm sick of men. I go there to do my job. There has been harsh sexual harassment in past. I'm sick of it. One time someone acted like they didn't believe me, psych at prison. Our employees know how serious sexual harassment is....
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  3. by   Orca
    This needs to be reported. Sexual harassment (unwanted touching, repeated advances, unwanted comments, etc.) is illegal. Your agency likely has an EEO officer who will take your statement and investigate the allegations.