Two offers in two weeks!

  1. Two offers in two weeks! I'm so excited. Both are limited term, one is full time one is intermittent.
    Full time: benefits, retirement, seniority, full time hours, but it's 1hr25min from my house.
    Limited term: is only a 54 minute drive from my house and at the prison I ultimately want to work at, but; maxes out at 1500 hrs for the year, no benefits, no retirement, no seniority, no guarantee of shift or hours..... decisions decisions.
    May seem like a no brainer but it's still hard to make a choice!
    Still very excited!
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  3. by   flyfarfaraway
    Is there anyway you could move closer?
  4. by   jescalynn
    No, I mean we could but my family is all in this one town, kids in school all that stuff plus I adore my house. If I want to do corrections, which I do then I will have to drive at least an hour to work each day.
  5. by   Wolf at the Door
    Five days a week. Eventually your family is going to miss you. Moving closer after a 1-2 years is reasonable if that is the job for you long term.

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