Sometimes Correctional nursing is like.....

  1. Working at a drive through restaurant. The inmate cruises up, tells me what he wants: "I'll have two Neurontin, ahh...the combo that comes with Buspar and Benadryl at night and a side of fungal cream. The good stuff, not that 2% crap".

    Working as a career counselor. They come ask me if convicted felons can hold this or that kind of a job.

    Working as a lab tech. They want to know if this or that will cause them to "pop positive" on a urine drug screen, or they want to know if antibiotics, drinking urine, or massive doses of vitamins will mask the drugs they did.

    Working as a personal trainer. Really? Have you looked at me? I'm really not the person you want advice from regarding how many burpees you need to do to look <insert appropriate slang word here>. If you HAVE the burpees, then I can get you some GasX, otherwise, leave me out of it.
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