Correctional Nursing Articles

Correctional Nursing is available for Nurses who are dealing with inmates. Here you can post about inmate issues such as the aging incarcerated population, chronic diseases in the jail/prison environment as well as your own concerns.

Nursing Behind the Wall
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Nursing Behind the Wall

Most nurses rarely consider corrections as a specialty, if they even realize that jails/prisons employ nurses. Of course, when you think about it, it makes sense...

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Correctional Nursing - A Multi-Tasked Specialty Area for Nurses

Nursing in and of itself is not an easy job and as the years progress, the job of the Nurse becomes even more difficult. Those who select Correctional Nursing...

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My life as a Correctional Nurse

One of my main goals each night that I work as a Correctional nurse is personal safety. Unlike the traditional healthcare setting, there are many types of people...

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