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    I recently have been notified that I will be interviewing for a Detentions Nurse position with the County of San Diego. I am a recent New grad and am in need of some guidance regarding the interview questions they might ask. I have some idea of the clinical questions they might ask, as well as the type of behavioral health scenarios they may explore.

    I know that there will probably be a lie detector as part of the process, but other than that I am in the dark. Any help from correctional nurses would be great and if you have done the specific process with the County of San Diego even better!

    Also, if there are any fellow applicants for the same round of interviews they will be doing in the next couple of weeks, feel free to join in the conversation since we may be coworkers some day!

    I appreciate everything this online community has given me and I want to express my gratitude for anyone willing to help.
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