RN POSITION CMF-California Medical Facility

  1. I had an interview at CMF in Vacaville one month ago. Still waiting for them to contact me.

    Anyone else waiting?
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  3. by   2wheeledrn
    I applied in Fresno area, but am still waiting on a call for an interview. How long did it take for the state to call you after you put in your application?
  4. by   rnthrive
    It varies for each facility. I've applied to several and some contact me within weeks. While other facilities take months.
    I signed up for email alerts via Calhr so I know exactly when a new posting goes up.
  5. by   2wheeledrn
    Thats good to know. Thank you. I hope you get an offer soon.
  6. by   CityofAngelsRN
    Hello, I am very interested in correctional nursing and was wondering if any of you all know if there are any with flexible scheduling, 3 12's or 4 10's? Thanks in advance!

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