1. I am interested in psych or correctional nursing...but right now I am doing med-surg (to get that one year experience every place I applied wanted me to have) and I also work in a nsg home on the sub-acute question is I live in the state of FL and I saw a post that said the state "is going to be privatized" what does that mean? Should I wait to look into correctional nursing after this takes place or skip it all together b/c it is a bad thing? Thank you for any info!!!
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  3. by   sbic56
    All privatizing means is that the state is going to contract their jobs out to the lowest bidder instead of hiring employees directly. It has become a much more common practice over the past several years within the state and local gov't institutions. Maybe someone who has worked through such a switch can clue you in on what is best. I worked for the state through the mid '90's and initially it was great; better pay and benefits. Today, at least in my state, I can make more working in the private sector than at a state job.
  4. by   sjoe
    Check out the threads about agencies and private companies on this forum for more information. Some are good, some otherwise.