Please think back when...

  1. you first stepped into correctional nursing.
    I am going to work at prison with one year of LTC experience.
    Yes, I am nervous and concerned about my competency as I
    know many advised prior acute care experience under your belt before schoosing
    this challenging field of nursing.

    What would you have done differently in making yourselves
    adjusted to the new area of nursing? What advices would you
    like to give to those who start new in this specialty?
    This site has been a great help and thank you in advance.
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  3. by   katkonk
    Read, review your notes from school in assessment, and get a book on Emergency nursing. Study, study, study, so that when you see someone present with symptoms in real life, you can have the knowledge to know what path to follow and what else to assess for. Further your education on signs and symptoms at every opportunity. Just sharpen your skills.
  4. by   ganhosa
    Thank you for your advice.
    I just happen to find out I was placed in psych crisis unit.
    Funny I liked my mental health rotation the least...
    Challenge always gives you an opportunity to improve yourself.