new lpn job in Ga.

  1. just wondering how hard it is for a new lpn with no nursing experience to get a job in Ga. in corrections I plan to work as a jailer while in school
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  3. by   enlargemyterritory
    I would be highly interested in hearing the answer to this as well. Even though I have just started my lpn education journey, I plan to work in corrections after graduation. All of the posts on here have been a great help in so many ways.
  4. by   JDCitizen
    since the doors are being torn down by so many people wanting to work in corrections here is georgia i predict you will have a hard time.....
    for the most part you would be working as a contract employee with the doc via mcg (unless you are going to work in one of the private institutions). i am not sure if there is a hiring freeze or not right now. may i suggest contacting the prison that you are interested in an ask to talk with the don or the hsa (if that confuses the correctional folks who answer the phone just ask for medical)....
    in correctional nursing i have worked medical techs, lpns, rns, nps, pas, mds and dos. they take on all flavors of health care providers but needs probably vary widely from facility to facility.
    short answer. i believe for the most part: degree + good references = job