New Correctional Nursing Position

  1. Hi all,

    I just recently got a phone call with an offer of employment with the North Carolina Dept. of Public Safety as an RN. I'm fairly certain I will be offered a position in a moderate security to minimum security facility in the state (don't know exactly which facility as of yet, and I probably wouldn't post it if I did know).

    Quick background; I have only 5 months of med-surg nursing experience, but I've worked as an EMT for the past 5 years while going to RN school. Before that, I was a correctional officer for a county facility in PA for three years. So prison is not an unfamiliar environment per say, but correctional nursing certainly is new for me.

    I was wondering if anyone knew specifically anything about the NC state system in particular, and any information on being a new correctional nurse in general would also be appreciated. I was also informed that the eMAR software was called Hero. I haven't found too much online for its efficacy. I was curious if any of you have used the software in your careers and what your thoughts are on it (the only eMAR software I'm familiar with is Cerner).

    Again, I am receptive to any of your experiences from your careers, and any advice before starting on this new adventure. Thanks for your input.
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