NaphCare: Ex., Good, fair, bad, or stay away!?

  1. Hello all!

    NaphCare: Ex., Good, fair, bad, or stay away!?

    I'm considering Correctional Nursing. NaphCare is hiring here in Las Vegas for an LPN position for the Clark County Detention Center.

    Please share your experiences with this company in particular and county jail nursing in general.

    Thank you very much!.........Rob:smilecoffeecup:
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  3. by   jjewels49
    Hi I worked at CCDC for quite a while than I got a state job in the Prison system where you are treated as a nurse. I left CCDC and so did 17 of my co workers after I left in Aug 2006 40 of my co workers have left or been fired.It is not a bad job go and get some experience short term basis than find out if you like it and leave for a better postion.I am sure that you will get hired I heard that they are getting short of nurses Las Vegas is a small town and word gets around fast ! Let me know how you make out and good luck to you
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    thank you very much, jjewels!.......