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  1. Hello. I'm hoping someone can offer a little insight or recommendations. I have been a nurse for going on 26 years and have done mostly OR/CVOR nursing. I find myself growing increasingly tired of the acute hospital setting and VERY tired of the call obligation and the high stress of surgery. I have about 3 years of corrections experience (Low/Medium security) and am thinking of returning to the nursing specialty. I feel that I would be entering with my eyes wide open, as I remember well what the atmosphere and inmate population are like. I am thinking of an AZ facility that is not a contracted vendor facility and which offers pretty decent bennies, including a good retirement plan. Although I'm sure that I will take a pay cut with the switch, hopefully, it will not be too much and the trade off will be worth it.
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    Why dont you apply and see what happens? I applied last week and will be working intake in the main jail downtown. The salary is good, the benefits arealso good. You will find the link for jobs if you google Maricopa Correctional Health employment. I think the only con of working there is that most of the other nurses are cruel and unpleasant.