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  1. Hello everyone, I am a recent LPN grad and just passed my boards. My boyfriend is a correctional officer/nursing student and brought to my attention that many NYS prisons hire LPNs, upon looking at applications I came across and add but it says, "Paid U.S. experience in correctional center or similar setting" under requirements. What is a similar setting? My previous working history is a daycare, a college kitchen, and Red Robin. Is there a chance I would be considered and if not what can I do to be considered later in the future?
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  3. by   BellaNoor
    It all depends on how desperate they are to hire new staff. I currently work in corrections as a nurse in a federal prison and I hate it. Not because of the inmates, but because the managers at my facility are absolutely horrible. They have no idea what they are doing.
  4. by   AllOfMyWat
    LTC pay is pretty comparable to corrections nursing in terms of pay where I live.

    People aren't banging the doors down to get in prison. You have a good chance.
  5. by   jsyjohnson93
    Thank you both for replying, I appreciate it