How to get a job in Correctional Nursing?

  1. I'm sorry, maybe I sound ridiculous, but I am new at this and have absolutely no clue how to get a job in correctional nursing. How did you get the job? I searched the DOC website in my state, but they don't have any RN openings.
    Where do I go from here?
    Please help.
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  3. by   IdrilRN
    Find out who the company is that provides medical care for the DOC. I just got hired on per diem at my local prison. It's not through the DOC it's through an out side company. Could be as easy as calling the prison, asking for medical and speak with someone and find out which company.
  4. by   ThinkAgain
    Thank you so much for your reply.
    Oh, so its a medical company? I thought it was the government that provided care for DOC.
    I called one staffing agency but they told me I would only be able to work in med/surg because that is the only field I have experience in
  5. by   cchezem15
    Depending on where you live it might be through an outside source. Here in Texas it's through UTMB
  6. by   ThinkAgain
    Hi, thank you for replying )) I'm in Oklahoma.
  7. by   sunshines66
    It does depend on where you are. There are federal and state prisons and county jails. All are different and positions are filled differently at each. There are some nursing agencies that staff prisons too.
  8. by   ThinkAgain
    Is it even possible for an RN to get a job in this field???? Everyone wants LPNs.
  9. by   IdrilRN
    Yes it is possible for RN's. I just got hired on perdiem. And will often be the only RN on besides the charge nurse.
  10. by   ThinkAgain
    Quote from IdrilRN
    Yes it is possible for RN's. I just got hired on perdiem. And will often be the only RN on besides the charge nurse.

    Hi, how did you get hired? Did you call jail/prison directly? Or was it through an agency?
    I keep calling DOC facilities, they keep transfering me to some full mailboxes, where I can't even leave a message
  11. by   Multicollinearity
    Ask to speak with the health administrator. The person in charge of all things medical.
  12. by   prisonrnmomof2
    The facility I work at has both nurses who are "state" nurses and are covered under one contract than the other "contract" nurses who are covered under a separate contract and by a different union. We have both RNs and LPNs working here. I started out work my first job out of nursing school at this prison and as my first RN job I knew it would be tough no matter what but adding in the increased issues related to working as a female in a men's prison made me realize that this job in corrections is NOT for everyone.
    As for finding out about jobs in corrections whether it be in a prison or jail or other type of facility the suggestions that others have made are right on. You could also do a search on the internet of correctional nursing jobs in your state?
    Good luck