Has anyone here worked for Correctional Healthcare Corporation?

  1. I think they used to be called Correctional Health Management. Please let me know about your experience with this company.
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  3. by   nurse2b0272
    I am wondering about them as well.
  4. by   nursechris1
    I was wondering too. There was a job posted in our local paper, but I couldn't find it on their website. I emailed the HR guy yesterday. I will let you know if I find out anything about them.
  5. by   TIGERT
    So far so good, only been with them about a year now. I don't use their benefits though, i go thru my husbands job for that. Out county jail is pretty small and i work mostly nights.
  6. by   nursechris1
    I have only worked for them 5 weeks. Small county jail, census in the 60s. So far so good. For me though it is the deputies that make. The biggest problem I have is the paper work. It seems like we are double and triple charting.