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  1. Hi!!!!!!!! I am new to Georgia and very,very interested in getting into correctional nursing. I was wondering if it was better to work for the state or county or agencies. Also if anyone knows the specific agencies that staff the jails and prisons in Atlanta. Thank you very much for any information.:smiletea2:
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  3. by   jamangel
    i've never worked corrections in Atlanta but try CMS (correctional medical services) or PHS (prison heath systems). I'm not sure who hires for the prisons now. MCG (medical college of georgia) hires for some of them but I don't know about all.
  4. by   wareagle31
    Hi and welcome. I work at a county correctional institute that houses state inmates. I work for my local county Government. You might try that avenue as well. Good luck!
  5. by   texascowgirl
    i worked as an independent contractor for Georgia Dept of Corrections, also PHS per diem, and for MCG...

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