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Correctional Nursing

by 44stephanie 44stephanie (New) New

I recently applied to and interviewed for an RN position with Armor Correctional Nursing in Florida. I am inquiring as to if anyone has either personal experience with this specific company, or with correctional nursing I general. I have past experience in psych nursing and this field had caught my interest as something I think I would be a good fit for. Thanks in advance :)

I worked in corrections for about 3 years... Armor took over the contract and I quit within about a month working under them. VERY short staffed all the time. Management wouldnt help out and if you ask me was a part of the problem. It was very unsafe. I am in another state so maybe that facility is completely different. I would just ask a lot of questions about staffing.

I actually enjoy corrections so much I applied in another area and may relocate for the job.