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Correct order for correcting Late Decel

alohaz alohaz (New) New

Has anyone done any questions about the order correcting late deceleration ??

I have this question on NCSBN review

I thought this is the correct order based on what I read in Saunders/ what i learned in school.. and maybe Uworld but I forgot which question but I got it correct.

Discontinue Pitocin,

Change position

Administer Oxygen

IV fluids,

Notify Physician


but NCSBN review has correct order as

Change position

Give fluid

Give O2

Stop pitocin

Notify MD


I see that they want to emphasize Late decel is related uteroplacental insufficiency and fluid should be used first ...but I just want to hear what other people think..

Can anyone give some insight on this? I dont know what to believe anymore lol

the tight order that I know is

change mother position

stop Pitocin if administered

increase iv fluid rate

give oxygen

S- Stop Pitocin.

L- left side position.

I- Increase IV fluid.

O- Oxygen.

N- Notify physician.


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