Corinthian/Everest school of nursing


As many of you are aware, Corinthian colleges has been sued, filed for bankruptcy, and many of its campuses have been closed. The government is erasing the student loans. I see this as validation of my opinion that most of these for profit colleges are giving terrible educations for big money. According to NCSBN statistics, some of these schools have pass rates for NCLEX as low as 25%.

This raises a few questions. What do you do with an education that falls short of the mark? Many students across the nation won't be able to pass with what they were taught. Everyone has different learning styles. A fair portion of the students won't be able to learn enough by themselves or with the study materials available including Hurst and apps.

Do you sue your college on an individual level? What about a class action comprising many smaller colleges? Transfer your credits and try for a different career? The Corinthian debacle is the proverbial tip of the iceberg.