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I bought the coolest Christmas thing that I have seen in a long time. Being from the East, this may just be new to us but I bought Instant snow!!

It is a little bag a bit larger than a credit card with what looks like white dust. You mix 1 teaspoon with 1 cup of water and wa-lah you have about two cups of snow. It is wet like snow, cold like snow and lasts for months with just a misting of water now and then. To be honest I think it is something similar to what is in disposable diapers just ground finer.

I ask my husband if he would buy a 5 gallon bucket, put it in the grass seed spreader, run it over our lawn and then spray with the garden hose? Yes you know he jumped right on that one!! LOL But it was worth a try.

Anyway just wondered if others had seen this great idea? I am such a kid a heart anything to have a white Christmas!!


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I'd watch about putting it in the yard. It might not be too animal friendly.

But i know the stuff you're talking about though. It was marketed a few years ago as an alternative to potting soil. Works great if you forget to water your plants.

how cool!!!!!!!! :D

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OMG, that is so great. Fake snow for everybody.

Do you figure we could get enough of that stuff and go sledding:D



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For us older folks my wife found 2 incredible gifts for me. Old school video games you plug in to your TV. One is Atari with 10 games and the other is 5 namco arcade classics(Pacman,DigDug):specs: :specs: Geekin out 80's style and loving it!

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I so remember those games. Wow, it is hard to believe it was that long ago. I remember when the arcades first came out, you had to go to the mall to play and the units were large.

Fast forward to 2003 and all that and more fits into my PDA or laptop.

Truly amazing how fast things change isn't it:)



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I'm old enough to remember Atari! :chuckle

So cool about the fake snow! We need some here in Arkie!


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Well I suppose if you had enough money you could buy enough for sledding.

Anyway if anyone wants some and is unable to locate it in a store here is the website where you can order direct.

Not good for snowballs, we tried!



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