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cooking as travel nurses- great website!

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by curlygirl8 curlygirl8 (New Member) New Member

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Hi all,

Just discovered a website/ blog that I'll be using for sure as a first time traveler who also loves food and cooking!



Deal is, each recipe has 5 ingredients and takes 10 minutes to prepare.

I love cooking, and I'm missing my home kitchen & pantry. This website is ideal for us foodies with make-shift kitchens that get stored in our vehicles every three months.

Making supper right now, cheers!

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SnowShoeRN has 10 years experience and works as a FNP.

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Ooh! Thank you! :) I'm going to be starting my first assignment this fall and must admit I've been worrying about leaving all my beloved cooking supplies behind. I too LOVE to cook. What a great resource!

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