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contract for new NP job


Hello everyone. I am going for my first job interview as a NP and I'm not sure what to ask for. Should I type up some type of contract? I know the employer has their own but I remember in nursing school remembering the instructors saying to make sure every thing is in your contract before you accept a job. So what exactly should I ask for ??


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Can't tell you from experience but I've two examples. Here in a little town in Oklahoma they can't find anyone to take a 4-day work week job, no calls, no billing, nadda for $95K/salary plus benefits! I have a friend in Texas that started at $95K plus benefits, was courted to leave...approached his employer with what he was offered and got a bump to $140K. Neither is typical but it gives you an idea what's happening out there. It just depends on the location, situation and YOU.

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If this is the first interview, I would just take informed questions. Your contract can be discussed if you get to that stage of negotiations. I wouldn't bring it with me to my first interview.