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Continuing Education Options

dazlnRN dazlnRN (New) New

I am thinking about continuing on with my degree from ADN-MSN. I have found an online fast track program that will allow me to skip my bachelor's degree and go straight to a master's degree in 5 semesters. The program will be cheaper for me to complete than if I get my bachelor's degree and then go back for my master's later on. This particular program is also a dual degree in leadership & management along with education.

Do you think having a master's degree in nursing leadership & education is beneficial to my nursing career?

What types of nursing positions would I need a master's degree to obtain?

Any other thoughts, ideas, or points will be greatly appreciated.

llg specializes in Nursing Professional Development.

You are looking at this backwards. Instead of searching for the easiest, cheapest program you can find ... and then hoping that it will help you find a job you don't hate, you should start by figuring out what type of work you want to do in the future. Then look for a program that will well-prepare you for that type of work, while also taking price and practicality into consideration.

Are you interested in management type work? That's the question you need to ask before you go much further down this path.


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