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Continuing education online?

by cookidough cookidough (New) New

My RN license is in the state of Utah. I am a mother of two and don't plan to work very much right now. Its my understanding that to renew my license I must have 400 hours of work, or 200 hrs of work with 15 hrs of credit, or 30 hrs of credit every two years. What is the best way to get continuing education? If I join the ANA as an individual affiliate can I get enough credits online for free? My license expires in January so I have a little time to get enough credits. Please help me if you have experience with continuing ed. Thanks!

I thought it was less than 400 hours of work? Anywho, I would look into cheap CEU's. I'm not sure if 30 hrs of free CEU's is out there that would be acceptable. I'm not sure what makes CEU's acceptable? I think you're on the right route with the ANA membership. That may be your cheapest bet.

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