Contemplating a Move to Repub of Ireland

by oregonsurf oregonsurf (New) New

Hi everyone- I'm a nursing professor at a well established university with 10+ years of teaching under my belt, I have my DNP and CNE, and am turning 50 soon. I have no family tying me down. After hiking across Ireland two years ago, I've tossed around the idea of moving there to work. I don't love bedside nursing and would like to remain in education. However, I'm finding it difficult to find positions. Does anyone have any connections and/or insights to finding a position there? I'm wondering if there is an established service that would assist with finding a job, fulfilling requirements, finding a flat, etc...

If you have any advice or insight, please share.

Not easy to do. Most UK/Irish Nurse programs want their own nationals (people trained in their countries) to teach in those programs. I was curious about this as well and asked around and was told that there is little interest in having American nursing professors teach over there. With your DNP, you probably would be able to work as an NP. They are more receptive to NPs in Ireland than in UK.