Considering Nursing, Good and Bad?

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Hi, I'm considering possibly studying to be a nurse, but it would definitely take years and money to do so, hence I would like to know how nurses feel about the job they do. What are the good and bad aspects of the job? How do you feel day by day? Specifically, I'm intrigued by the possible bad aspects, since then I would know whether it's something I could handle or not.



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Follow your passion because all roads will lead to there in the end. I would recommend reading up on everything you can find about the occupation. You may find you want to be a travel nurse. There are a lot of options in the nursing industry.

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Why don't you shadow a nurse for a day and see what it is like? That would answer a lot of your questions.



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Volunteer at your local hospital. You will have an excellent opportunity to see nurses in action and see if it is something you want to do. I did that, and as a result, I just finished my second semester of nursing school and am halfway to the NCLEX.