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Considering a move to Ohio...Need info?

chuss chuss (New) New

Can anyone help me figure out what an average hourly rate for a 9 year RN in the OR can hope to obtain in Cincinnati, Ohio? I am moving from California and I'm expecting sticker shock but I can't get a clear picture

ICUman specializes in Cardiac Cath Lab.

I would imagine $35-$40 range.

FlyingScot specializes in Peds/Neo CCT,Flight, ER, Hem/Onc.

That might be high but I'm not sure. I have almost 29 years (critical care and flight) and I make 40ish.

RobtheORNurse specializes in Surgery.

When I left a year ago, in Northern Ky. across the river from Cincy. I was around 39.00 with 30 years experience. Check NKY. St. Elizabeth is hiring.

I am in Columbus, $40/hr day shift, with 17yrs experiences and CNOR. Of course it will depend on whether you are working in a hospital vs surgi-center, and those kinds of variables.


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