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Considering Carolinas College of Health Science

by CharlotteYogi CharlotteYogi (New) New

Wondering how much success recent CCHS nursing grads have had landing a job. Nursing would be a second career for me. I took CNA class and hoped to land a job at CMC before committing to nursing school. But, I have applied to tons of jobs at CMC for anything from patient transporter to CNA without even getting one call.

So, this is making me wonder how CCHS grads have done landing nursing jobs. Thanks!

I graduated from CCHS in December. So far we're at 100% passing NCLEX and at least 3/4 of my class has a job, the majority at CMC Main.

It's like a fortress to get into...but IMO (re:experience with who we've hired on my floor) you are more likely to get a job at CMC graduating from CCHS.