What Will Happen By The Year 2020?

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    While I am taking my pre-requites for nursing I am pondering as to whether I will go for LPN or RN. I know that the ASN Degree program has a waitlist of a year or more at many of the community colleges. What I would like to know is the same case for BSN programs? Because I 'am hearing that by the year 2020 all nursing students must have their BSN. If this is in fact the case what will happen to the ASN Programs? And what will my job prospects be with having a ASN Degree
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  3. by   Semper_Gumby
    Given that's only three years away, I seriously doubt there's any law going into effect saying BSN or nothing, especially since that would shut down the associate degree and diploma programs. I will say, though, as a transplant to New England from a different part of the country, and having a diploma rather than a BSN, I have had a tough time finding work up here because there is a strong preference for the bachelor's degree (my non-nursing bachelor degree doesn't count). If you can get into a BSN program, I'd recommend that, as it will open up the most opportunities for future employment. Best of luck.