Update to nursing school choice.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I just thought that I would give you an update on my situation. I know that my username seems like I would become an LPN this year. Well I have switched course. I will not becoming an LPN because the state programs have closed down due to the states budget and I cannot afford the outrageous tuition for the private LPN programs. So with that said, if my financial aid goes through I am hoping to attend CCC this Fall and continue on with my Liberal Arts Major which I started a while a go. I have nine classes left to get my Associates Arts Degree which I can graduate next May 2018. My plan is to focus on getting into UCONN'S Nursing Program. If I do not get accepted into UCONN my other choice would be CCSU. I am trying to stay focused on one or to schools anything more would make me crazy. I know that getting a AAD may not seem like a big deal when many of you have higher degrees but for me this would be a milestone. Because I have struggled academically to get where I am at. But I am not going to let that deter me from my ultimate goal which is to become a nurse.
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  3. by   WCSU1987
    Congrats and best of luck. Continue to push forward.