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Hi everyone...anyone :-)Anyone applying or applied for UCONN for the 2013 MEIN class? Looking for others to share the nail-bitting experience with!!... Read More

  1. by   vbarth11
    Quote from nme1217
    OK, I sent a message to fb about the group not being searchable, I guess that can happen and under 'help' it said to send them a message so hopefully they help me fix the issue tomorrow! Did you get the email they just sent out tonight, a little while ago?
    Any luck with the Facebook Group?
  2. by   alaboringstart
    Still could not find the group:-(How's everyone feeling (other than broke lol)?! We're just weeks away!!! To answer someone's earlier post, I decided to go with the ebooks. It will take some time getting used to but they made the price more attractive than the hard copies. And since we're moving more and more into all things electronic, this may be the best time to start adapting to new ways of learning, IMO :-)
  3. by   tnt05003
    did anyone get accepted and have a gpa of under 3.0?
  4. by   nme1217
    SORRY! I never got any response back from FB and I submitted two error reports/help messages. I've talked to some other people who had the same problem before after creating a group on FB (for some reason its impossible to find with a search!) This forum doesn't allow me to post the direct link, so any ideas on where I can do that so people can click right to it from there, let me know! I'll try anything!
  5. by   Ajbernier
    Does anyone know what kind of shoes we should have? I thought I remember them saying white crocs but I'm not 100% sure now. Also, this is probably a stupid question but do we wear our uniforms to class too? Counting down now
  6. by   UConnEncore
    to answer tnt's question: I don't know of anyone in the program with a gpa less than 3.0, but as long as your pre-requisite grades are stellar they will probably overlook a lower bachelor's gpa.

    nme: I can't find the facebook group... maybe once there are more people added it will show up? I have no idea how the "groups" work! maybe you could email the link through the UConn listserv? I think most people would be interested in joining.

    ajbernier: I have the same stupid question! They said we needed 2 scrub tops because there are 2 clinical days a week... so that made me think, no. Then we ordered a t-shirt to wear to lab only. So that means we must wear our uniforms to lab... I'm so confused! I hope we can wear normal clothes to class, I don't want to have to wash my scrubs twice a week! For shoes, I think the main requirement is white. She said Crocs were ok, but she didn't recommend them because they don't offer much support.
  7. by   Ajbernier
    Uconnencore, thanks for answering my question. I have a feeling we can wear regular clothes on class day. That would make sense to me.
  8. by   MB2009
    Hey guys!

    We do not have to wear our uniforms to class. We only have to wear them to clinicals and lab. :-) As far as shoes, I heard them say that they need to be white with leather over the top and toe. I ordered Dansko's ProXP and they are super comfortable. Dansko's are around $120 to $140, but they offer great support and its worth it to have comfortable shoes for our 10 hour clinical days!

    To address the question about gpa...yes they do admit students with a gpa under the 3.0 if you have excellent grades in the pre-requisite classes.

    Getting excited to start!!
  9. by   MB2009
    I just created a group on Facebook. Search under UConn CEIN 2013. Hopefully you can all find it!
  10. by   alaboringstart
    Counting down as well! Got my stethoscope package today and can't wait to put all the supplies to good use:-). My only complaint is the free etching was done by hand and doesn't look great, which is kinda disappointing on such an expensive device. Still waiting on uniform and books and then my wallet and I are taking a break! Anyone know the schedule for the first week of school?
  11. by   MB2009
    Was anyone able to find the group I created on Facebook? Search under "UConn CEIN 2013". We currently have 3 members and it would be great if we could all communicate through this group! Let me know if you have trouble finding it.
  12. by   vbarth11
    I'm not sure why we're all having so much trouble with these Facebook groups haha but no, I search that and nothing comes up. As somebody previously suggested, can you maybe try sending the link out through the listserve? Thanks!
  13. by   SHynes

    I am in the 2013 Stamford class and unfortunately I missed orientation for this coming semester. I was wondering if someone had information regarding the Stamford schedule (i.e. locations, where to go on the first day) and some other details. I have sent the school so many emails and questions lately so I was hoping I could find answers to my more general questions here. Is anyone available from the upcoming Stamford class who can answer some questions for me via email? I would really appreciate it!!!

    Thank you!